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We offer all the high quality features you want at the best possible value with your comfort and style needs in mind, 24/7. Located in the Southern heart of New Mexico, we invite you to live your best living and learn about what makes our homes different:

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Las Cruces and Carlsbad

Building the home of your dreams involves imagination, expertise and vision. Combine that with integrity and commitment and it’s a win win! At KT Homes, we inspire living. Through collaboration and a relentless passion for building, we ensure every home we work on is unforgettable.

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Carlsbad | Farmview VI

Now building in the Farmview VI Community


Las Cruces | Rincon Hills

Pricing from the 200’s, close to schools, shopping, and more.​

Behind the Build

“Behind the Build” is our series that documents the complex process of building a new home. From prepping the lot to the final landscaping and finishing touches, we’ll be covering the processes, people, and products that create your new home. If you’d like to stay up to date on all new video releases, subscribe to our YouTube Channel

The importance of attic insulation

Which windows should you use?

Why insulate foundations?

How should my builder frame?

Why blown-in insulation?

Where do our cabinets come from?

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