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First Week! Education House with LCHBA and Organ Mountain High School

The first week (the week of August 24th) of the Education House was a big success! 
 Education House is a collaboration between LCHBA, KT Homes, and Organ Mountain High School to allow students a hands-on experience building a home that will eventually be sold at market value. The proceeds then go back into the program for future students to have the same experience.
The first week consisted of an introduction to the field of surveying by Juan Garcia, Lead Surveyor for KT Homes. A few days later the Senior Vice President for Citizen’s Bank of Las Cruces, Nate Olsen, instructed the students in the financial elements of building a home.
Kent Thurston, the Owner of KT Homes, has been there every step of the way to assure that the student’s questions are answered and to add valuable insight.
We can’t wait to share the process as it continues!

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