KT Homes


Phase 1

Forms, Plumbing, and Foundation

Construction working assemble iron grids into the frame ready for concrete work

KT Homes we insulate our foundation. An insulated foundation helps regulate the temperature of your flooring by preventing heat from transferring into or out of your home through the foundation. You will have warmer floors in the winter and savings on your energy bill.

Phase 2

Framing and Window Installation

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Our windows are made with a fusion-welded vinyl frame surrounding SolarTherm Ultra insulated glass. They filter long wave radiation to reduce heat gain and to keep your home cooler. Our windows will save energy and provide a quite atmosphere.

Phase 3

HVAC, Additional Plumbing, and Wiring

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The standard SEER rating for new construction homes in New Mexico is 14. At KT Homes, we install a higher efficiency 16 SEER system. A standard gas furnace will convert 80% of the energy from gas into heat. A KT Home's gas furnace converts 95% of the energy from gas into heat. Fresh air ventilation dampers replace stale air making your home feel fresh and less stuffy. You will save money and maintain comfortable temperatures year round.

Phase 4

Insulation Installed


At KT Homes we go the extra mile to insulate your home. Our blow-in insulation reduces your energy costs by helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The tight seal of our insulation creates an air barrier that helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature by sealing out exterior weather influences.

Phase 5

Sheetrock, Trim, and Painting

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A standard home is built with 2x4 exterior walls. KT Homes are built with 2x6 exterior walls. The two added inches, combined with our blow-in insulation, reduce your heating and cooling costs and provide a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Phase 6

Tile, Cabinets, Granite, Stucco, and Driveway


We install all granite countertops and our cabinets come with a soft close feature that is quiet and durable. At KT Homes, every feature is designed with your comfort in mind.

Phase 7

Landscaping, Lighting, Paint, and Gates

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LED light bulbs are approximately 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. We install all LED lighting to create a low maintenance and energy efficient lighting system.

Phase 8

Appliances, Screens, Inspection, and Orientation

 Final Walkthrough

During the customer orientation a representative of KT Homes will walk you through the home to ensure the home meets our standards. They will discuss your home warranty and answer questions to ensure you are comfortable in your new home. 

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