Over 30 years ago...

Ken Thurston founded KT Homes. He committed to building homes that would reflect his passion for quality and efficiency. 

We understand that our homes are central in creating experiences that last a lifetime.

We believe that our homes should be built with an attention to quality and detail that stand the test of time. Whether it's your first home or  your forever home, we're here to serve you.

The Thurston Family

Who we are


Ken Thurston | Founder of KT Homes


Kent Thurston | Owner of KT Homes


We're a family owned home builder based in Las Cruces, NM. Over the past 30 years we've built well over 1,000 homes, bringing a long legacy of personal commitment to quality and comfort. We've been constant in our commitment to serve the communities we help create. We employ hard working and talented people who are just as committed to quality work as we are. 

We begin and end every project with the homeowner in mind. Our team recognizes each customer's needs and offers numerous ways to include a personal touch throughout the home buying and building process.

At KT Homes we work hard to ensure the quality, comfort, and efficiency of every home we build. Utilizing innovative building methods, we offer energy efficient designs and desired amenities without sacrificing comfort and affordability. We believe everyone deserves to own the home they love.